Thank you for the pictures and your time. You are a great photographer
Tarschilla Mahogany Jackson
Lol! I apologize for using the wrong name if I’m going to be working with you I need to get your name right first! Thanks Edward.
Tarschilla Mahogany Jackson
Thank you Eric for your time the photos were lovely! I am still learning how to model as I go and being an inexperienced model I appreciate the direction you gave me and the fact that you made me feel comfortable is even more appreciated. I look forward to working with you in the future on more projects.
Such a great photographer to work with. He sees a vision an goes for it with no hesitation and comes out amazing. I definitely look forward to booking with him in the future. I must mention as well how comfortable it is working with him.
Dierdre Mayes aka Dede Adams(non-registered)
You are an amazingly talented artist who sees beyond the ordinary eye. The colors,the style. I love your photographs.
Jo Grace(non-registered)
Looks Grrreat!
Richard Pannell(non-registered)
I cannot express the way I appreciate all that you have done for me, my company and clients (Unnew Magazine, Bernaes, Calendar shoots, etc.) You have done an excellent job and I wish upon you all the successes you deserve. Keep that eye to the lens and create wonders for people.
Liz Andrews, Noni Plasichuk , Realtors(non-registered)
Thanks you for your assistance. May you have a Prosperous New Year!
Thank you Eddie for the great images. You have a wonderful vision and I look forward to framing an image or two from our shoot.
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